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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take all my clothes off?

Traditional Swedish massage is done with direct contact to the skin using oils. This allows fluidity and flow for your treatment. If you prefer to keep some or all of your clothing on we are happy to adjust the massage to suit your comfort level. 


During the session you will be fully covered with blankets and sheets on the table. Only the area of your body being massaged is uncovered. Depending on what areas we are treating depends on the level of undressing required. Always speak to your Well Daze therapist if you have any hesitations or concerns. No question is silly, we want you to feel empowered and comfortable. Before and after the treatment you will undress and dress in complete privacy.

Do you have a cancellation policy

Yes, our cancellation policy is 24 hours notice to cancel any appointment. If you are not able to provide this, as much notice as possible is appreciated. At Well Daze Collective we understand emergencies and unexpected situations do happen, however without proper notice we may not have time to fill that space with an awaiting patient. Therefore cancellation fees will be charged at the digression of your massage therapist. Similarly if you are late for an appointment the time missed will come out of your appointment time, not added to the end of your treatment. We believe in mutual respect of time, as we are on time and prepared for your appointment, we appreciate the same in return.

Is entering my credit card safe?

Jane (Our booking system) doesn't actually store credit card information within your client file. All information is stored in an alternative secure location. Similar to how banks store their information. Only your last 4 digits are visible for any of our therapists.

Will my massage hurt?

Massage therapy generally should not hurt. However during a deep tissues treatment you may experience increased intensity. We always ask you to communicate your pain levels with us. If at any point the pressure is more then you able to comfortably with stand, be sure to tell your Well Daze massage therapist. Day to day our pain tolerance can vary and we never want you to feel the need to "tough it out". There is more benefit to gentle massage, allowing time for your muscle to relax before attempting deep work, then pushing past your comfort zone and causing your muscles to tense/ guard.

How do I book an appointment?

Online booking is the best way to book an appointment with us. We do not have a receptionist on staff, and our phone is answered by our therapists in between treatments. Which means we can't always guarantee the quickest response if we are having a very busy day. If you have appointment related questions or concerns emailing your Well Daze Collective therapist directly is recommended. All email addresses are linked on the practitioner page of the website. 

How do I prepare for my massage?

First thing - Relax! You're entering a judgment free space at Well Daze Collective Massage and Health Studio. As healthcare practitioners we don't care if your legs are shaved, have acne or what your weight is. However there are a few things you can do to prepare for your massage

 Drink water: being hydrated is important to your muscles and lymphatic system.

Take a warm shower: A warm shower can stimulate circulation and warm your muscles. Also arriving clean to your massage is courteous to your therapist and no need for perfume/cologne. We try to offer a scent free environment.

- No smoking directly before your massage: In consideration to your therapist and our space, not arriving smelling of smoke is appreciated.

Do you offer direct billing

We do not offer direct billing or submit any bills to insurance companies. You will be required to pay upfront for your treatment and we send you an electronic receipt for submission to your insurance company for reimbursement.


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