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Body Massage

Therapeutic massage

Massage therapy has therapeutic effects on the body and optimizes health and wellness by acting on the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems. Physical function can be maintained and improved through decreasing the effects of physical and emotional stress on the body. Book your Therapeutic Massage at Well Daze!

Woman receiving  Facial Gua Sha

Facial Gua-Sha

‘pronounced: Gwah- Sha’
A traditional Chinese medicine practice in which a tool is used to scrape peoples skin to treat chronic pain all over their body. It was documented in medical books back to 1368-1644.
When applied to the face it can help with:
• Lymphatic drainage• Improve contour• Decreases TMJ pain• Soften fine lines• Improves complexion• Reduces sinusitis
Always research new trends. Understanding their cultural heritage and respecting their origins is important to honoring the traditions. Book today.

Hot stone back massage

Hot Stone massage

Hot stone massage promotes deep relaxation using warm smooth Baltic stones to melt muscular tension away. The warmth of the stones help to expand blood vessels which improves circulation. Ask your Well Daze massage therapist for more information or book your Hot stone massage today!

Man receiving Indie Head Massage

Indie/Indian Head massage

Indie head massage focuses on the head, neck and shoulders. Applying a range of techniques to help reduce stress and release tension in the upper body. 
Massaging the scalp can help stimulate nerves and blood vessels around the area and begin to calm muscle tension around the head. Book your appointment at Well Daze studio today!

Woman receiving cupping massage

Cupping massage

Cupping massage is a form of bodywork utilizing plastic and silicon cups. The skin is drawn up with a vacuum like suction to facilitate a deep release of connective tissue. Cupping massage is beneficial in treating scar tissue, chronic knots, fascial restrictions and muscle tightness. Book online.

Mother and Baby

Private Infant Massage

Learn to understand babies cues, naturally soothe common complaints such as gas, teething & colic. While spending quality time bonding with your baby. Find out more or book your infant massage session.

Cancellation policy 

In consideration of other patients waiting for appointments, 24 hours notice is required for cancellations,without notice appointments are subject to be paid in full.

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