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Experience the beauty of our eco-conscious natural stone gua sha tools, thoughtfully curated from Vancouver and meticulously crafted in collaboration with a trusted stonework company in China. Each piece is carefully selected from reclaimed stone offcuts, championing sustainability by minimizing waste and carbon emissions associated with traditional mining practices. Our collection features jade in varying shades from grey to green, along with the gentle elegance of rose quartz. Handcrafted with precision, some tools are expertly reshaped by a talented in-house team in Vancouver.

Gua Sha tool

  • Please note: Gua sha stones are hand carved and made of natural stone so slight colour differences, small flaws and fissures are considered to be natural imperfections that add character and intention to each piece. Each piece will be unique and vary in veins and colour, making it a special addition to your collection of beauty tools. The stone is fragile, so please be careful not to drop it on a hard surface as it may shatter!

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