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Our Cork Massage Balls are manufactured on Madeira Island , Portugal. Sustainably crafted from premium cork, derived from renewable cork oak trees.


The company is family owned and ethically harvests cork by respecting the natural cycle of the cork oaks to avoid overexploitation.


Their natural texture provides a stimulating massage experience with a unique blend of eco-friendliness, durability, and therapeutic benefits. They targeting tension and promoting circulation.


Plus, cork's resilience ensures long-lasting use, making them a sustainable alternative to traditional massage tools.


Experience the harmony of wellness and eco-consciousness with our Cork Massage Balls. They are not only gentle on your body but also on the environment- You can feel good about your choice knowing your body and the planet will thank you.

Natural cork massage ball

SKU: 001
  • Natural Cork Massage Ball can be used for:- Myofascial Release- Trigger Point Therapy- Decreasing tight Muscles.A great addition to any home care routine in assisting to treat Plantar Fasciitis, Back and Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain, hip tightness, shin splints, and so many more daily aches and pains.

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