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Chill Guide to Getting a Massage with Sunburn

So, you've got a sunburn but your long awaited massage appointment is tomorrow!

No worries, we've got your back (literally)! Before you dive into relaxation mode, here's the lowdown on how to handle that tender skin while still getting your treatment.

First things first, check out that sunburn situation. If it's just a light rosy hue, you might be good to go. But if it's more of a lobster situation, it maybe wise to hold off treating that area until things cool down.

Secondly, Be sure to give your therapist a heads up about your sunburn before you get started. Giving you an opportunity to discuss and adjust the focus to other areas.

As always be sure to communicate during the Session. If something doesn't feel quite right during your massage, speak up! Your therapist can tweak things to make sure you're feeling good without adding extra discomfort.

After care is key in decreasing peeling and pain after a sunburn.

Care Tips:

-Drink lots of water

-Apply Aloe Vera

-Apply cool compress + add lavender oil to water soothe skin (if you have no allergies/sensitivities)

-Avoid additional heat. No sun, a hot tub/ baths and avoid heating pads or topical muscle rubs until the burn is healed.

Remember the best practice is to avoid burns all together by apply sunscreen and stay in the shade in high UV times, but we understand life happens! So follow these tips, communicate with your therapist to get the best out of a sensitive situation.

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